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20 January 2006 @ 01:10 am
To possibly help kickstart the community a bit more, I've decided to post my fanart of the theme XD Some could complain that this could be slightly spoilerish- BUT IT ISNT. Luke clearly sports short hair in the opening Video and this relates nothing to the reason or the story.

Anyhow here's my fanart on the REAL reason why Luke cut his hair XD I reckon Luke's hair is lovely. It's long and flowing and made me think of Stahn from Tales of Destiny. Made with opencanvas quickly (it's been a while since I've used this program) since photoshop is laggy.

Luke: Guy? Is my hair really that long? This morning I tripped over it.
Guy: (But master's hair is so beautiful...)
Jade: I say GO FOR IT. [Because Jade is evil and likes to make Luke suffer and cut his lovely hair XD]
Anise: Anise likes Luke sama any way~ (as long as he's still a duke)
Tear: (Oh but he can be cute sometimes like that... I wonder how Luke with short hair looks teehee ♥)
Natalia: Do whatever you want. [Is busy thinking of some other person *spoilerish?]

I had thought up of different scenarios of how Luke was going to cut his hair. I had one in mind that went like:
Luke: *climbs out of bed and hits the floor because of his hair*

Anyhow a side note, so we can archive all the fanworks we've done, add the word "Hair" to your post tags.
18 January 2006 @ 08:56 pm
Theme 1 - Hair

This is smilbe posting. itako and I will alternate between each other in posting with this account for announcements, etc. No special significance really, the account was created for our own convenience.

Randomly choosing the themes we gathered from the previous entry, I've decided on "Hair." Everyone is encouraged to contribute any fancreation related to the theme of "Hair." One example would be "A Bad Hair Day," but you're not limited to this topic whatsoever.

So, are you ready? You can start now! We look forward in seeing your entries. 8D (We mods will try to contribute too whenever possible.)
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Here's the deal, we're going to start a game soon where we are allowed to draw, write or fan create anything related to the theme. The fancreation can be icons, fan art/comic, fanfiction & even little captions if you want. We want to get the creative juices flowing!

How it works
The game will start as soon as itako or smilbe declares the first theme. You are given the time period of two weeks to create and post anything related to that theme. As soon as the two weeks are up. A new theme is then announced and the process repeats. If you have a late entry you're still free to post it but you must try your hardest to stay within the two weeks.

Theme SuggestionsCollapse )

Feel free to comment with any themes you feel should be used. This list will serve as a dump for when we run out of themes to use XD
17 January 2006 @ 09:09 pm
Testing! Let the fun begin~
17 January 2006 @ 11:59 pm
one. two. three.