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Tales of Fangirls

Paradise for Fangirls

Tales of Hot Guys
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Tales of Hot Guys
The Fangirl's Paradise

We are?
A fangirl community made for Discussion, Fanart, Fanfiction & Fan Creations between members that revolve around male characters of Namco's bestselling hit Tales series. This was created to possible encourage communication between female fans and as well help create a center for the Tales fandom from girls.

Currently we are having a biweekly theme fan game! Test your drawing, writing and comedic skills as every two weeks fans gather to present their interepretation of one theme! (More information here)

Maintained by smilbe & itako; announcements will be posted under the account talesfangirlmod

{ Listen up! }

These rules aren't made to rob anyone of any free speech. They're made to keep the peace. We'll run a tight shift if anything gets out of hand.

Posting Guidelines

  • Image heavy posts must be cut! (one image may be able to stay).
  • The posts must be linked to a male Tales character.
  • Posts must be tagged, you must tag them under the right headings and musn't include tags that are not needed.
  • Each post must contain content. We accept the following:
    News, Scans, Articles (Analytical essays), Music, Fanart, Fanfiction, "fan memes" that encourage people to draw, write or produce a fan related item.
  • POSTS THAT RECEIVE A WARNING (BAN FOR DOUBLE/TRIPLE OFFENDERS): Off topic posts, Ramblings "OMG <insert character> is so cool.", Hate posts (this is a fan community!), Introduction posts (hi my name iz), Posts that offer very little insight or content (repeated news, images, "what made me think of my character"), blatant plugging of a certain journal/community, failure to read rules.
  • REGARDING REQUESTS: If you can not find the post or item no matter what, you are allowed to request. IF THE ITEM HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE - as soon as you acknowledge your request has been fulfilled, it may be deleted.
  • Plugging is tolerated but should not be abused.
  • If you have any questions, please ask/email the mods of the community before doing anything that may be unwise.

Your post must be tagged with the following:

  • Series in Question &/or Character
  • The type of post (any of the following):
    • Sharing for anything that is offered.
    • Request for the request of certain things
    • Crack for humourous posts
    • Meme for little games or themes that you may suggest that encourage fan production.
    • News for official news or community related news.
    • Scans
    • Music
    • Fanart
    • Fanfiction
    • Graphics
    • AMV
    • Discussionfor the indepth analysis of a character.
  • Additional tags (must be in topic and have a reason)

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